Screen Printing

Nearly everyone is familiar with screen printing.  We offer spot color screen printing (not blends of colors) with no screen charges, so small runs can be very reasonable in price.  For designs in full color, check our page on full color printing.  We actually have the design screen printed with specialized inks onto transfer paper and apply the design to the material in-house with a commercial heat press.  There are many different types of prints, from glow-in-the dark, metallic, reflective, 3-D puff, glitter, foil, and solar-activated to standard colors.  Tell us what you need and we'll give you the options available to you.  The type and color of fabric will also dictate what type we use.  A plain cotton tee and a moisture-wicking polyester tee would need different types of printing to work well.  Of you're going to want at least 50 pieces of one style and color, we have additional options that can be even more affordable.



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